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Scaffolder Basic 2

Brurecruit      LOT 78, Jalan Lorong Setia Di Raja, Sungai Duhon Industrial Area, Kuala Belait, Negara Brunei Darussalam, Kuala Belait

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Job Description

• Along with building and breaking down scaffolds, scaffold builders also install ladders, walkways and handrails at a construction site or shipping area using a variety of power tools and lifts.
• Before building scaffolds, they are responsible for cleaning and preparing construction sites, including removing debris and dangerous materials.
• Next, they unload the scaffolding materials from a truck.
• These materials typically include the rails, planks and ladders for the scaffold.
• At this point, scaffold builders check all materials and start creating scaffolds.
• Scaffold builders must be organized and able to follow instructions carefully.
• They must be physically fit and have good manual dexterity to load and unload heavy materials on trucks and operate different machinery.
• In addition, scaffold builders should be detail-oriented in order to spot potentially dangerous conditions, such as nearby power lines.
• They also need good math skills for calculating measurements when building scaffolds.
• Scaffold builders work in different environments, including buildings, warehouses and ship ports.
• They tend to travel to different locations and work in all types of weather.
• On the job, scaffold builders usually work in a team environment and under the guidance of a supervisor.
• At times, they might have to work in the evenings and on weekends.
• They usually wear protective gear such as safety glasses.
• While they are around loud equipment, they may also use earplugs.

Covid Requirements

2 dose


  • hands on skill
  • scaffolder
  • Communication skills
  • teamwork


  • GCE 'O'LVL

Training & Certifications

  • GCE O Level

Additional Benefits

  • TAP & SCP (Local)
  • SPK (Local)

Additional Compensations

  • TAP & SCP

Job Information

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Offered Salary


Work Type


Type of Work

12 hour shift

Multiple Country Preferences

Brunei Darussalam

Location Address of Job

LOT 78, Jalan Lorong Setia Di Raja, Sungai Duhon Industrial Area, Kuala Belait, Negara Brunei Darussalam


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