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Job Description

- Have a basic understanding of facilities / process (from well to export). Be knowledgeable of hydrocarbons behavior and associated risks
(explosion, [removed]).
- Be able to produce a report using Word, be able to perform simple calculations with Excel. Have been introduced to internet and mails.
- Understanding and use of basic laws and units of physic (Newton’s law, forces, mass, [removed]). Be knowledgeable of materials / steels
characteristics (use, resistance, corrosion, and its prevention).
- Be able to read and use drawings (P&ID’s, PFD’s, Isometrics), vendor documents (be able to determine tolerance and adjustment figures),
name plate and data sheet. Be able to draw accurate sketches and items to scale.
- Understand the working principles of main mechanical equipment: filters, gear boxes, exchangers, air coolers, diesel engine, gas turbines,
centrifugal and reciprocating pumps or compressors, common valve types (butterfly, gate, ball, cage and PSV) and hydraulic systems
(cranes, HPU, pumps). Be fully familiar with lubrification requirements and the different types of lubricants.
- Be sensitized for each of those to their preventive maintenance tasks and purposes.
- Be aware of CBM (vibration and oil analysis) requirement and purpose.
- Understand preventive, corrective maintenance and maintenance plan concepts. Have a basic knowledge of the CMMS (be able to issue a
notification, read, interpret, and complete work [removed]). Be able on a given and simple preventive work order to prepare tools, identify
spare parts and adapted procedure or work instruction.

Other Requirements

-Minimum of 5 years of experience in Oil& Gas industry
- Know how to select, use, and maintain all the mechanical hand tools (all types of keys, files, drills, calipers, taps...). Be able to use
measuring tools (micrometer, vernier, gauges...), torque wrench and fastener.
- Be able to operate and maintain pneumatic drills or grinders. Be able to use workshop equipment (pedestal drill, hydraulic press...), in
particular machining and tooling.
- Know how to use basic lifting gear (chain block, slings...). Be trained to complete simple / basic lifting operation.
Maintenance know-how
- Be able to follow maintenance route and fill up associated check-up list (monitoring of rotating equipment). Be able to carry out
lubrication routine and top up as required with the correct lubricant.
- Be able to prepare and install any type of flange gasket. Complete bolting following methodology.
- Be able to align V-belt, pulley and tension belts following methodology.
- For common types of valves be able to overhaul them and carry out minor adjustments while in service (tightening of gland packing).
- For gear box, be able to align gears, inspect & identify faults.
- For rotating equipment, be able to assist in diagnosis faults and failures, assist in alignment (prepare, cut shim material for alignment,
level...). Be able to assist in the removal and replacement of any type of bearing. Check the clearance.


  • Computer basics
  • Offshore
  • Mechanical Maintenance


  • GCE 'O'LVL

Training & Certifications

  • Mechanical Technician
  • offshore

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Type of Work

8 hour shift

Multiple Country Preferences

Brunei Darussalam

Location Address of Job

No 3, Lot 4221, Simpang 177 Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait KA 1931


Oil & Gas

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