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Instrument Work Planner

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Job Description

1) Maintenance Work Preparers plan PM and/or CM work for client EAST and WEST offshore clusters.
2) Accountable for planning and progressing the Work Order (WO) from initial (INIT) to executable
(EXEC) status. This includes the creation of the WO, scoping the work and developing a work pack to include
all relevant work requirements, such as:
a. Assigning resources (internal and external manpower)
b. Estimating manhour requirements for resources
c. Identifying and ordering required materials
d. Supporting data and documentation to execute the work safely, efficiently, and at the right quality as may
be relevant, e.g. job hazard analysis (JHAs), lifting and hoisting plans, confined space work plans, flange
management sheet, inspection and test plan, performance standard and check sheets, work order
printout (shop paper), materials list, etc.
e. Identifying and planning access requirements (e.g. scaffolding, rope access, work platforms)
f. Identifying and planning special tools and equipment (cranes, habitats, lifting and hoisting tools, precision
tools or test equipment, etc.).
g. Assigning required plant condition to execute the work (on-the-run, shutdown, campaign, etc.),
indicated via the relevant system condition code in the work order.
h. realistic start date for the job (based on the latest expected availability of requirements).
i. Estimated costs, taking into account the most cost-effective way of executing the work vs. the
criticality of the work.
3) Routine site visits for work scoping on a weekly basis are expected.
4) As part of work scoping, coordinate with operations, maintenance execution team, and technical
authorities and/or discipline engineers as necessary to diagnose the equipment defect and plan for the
safe and efficient execution of PMs and/or CMs. The scope of work covers HSE considerations, isolation plans,
technical and site-specific considerations, inspection and test plans, and quality requirements, among others.
5) Coordinates with Supply Chain Management (SCM) for procuring materials and/or services needed
for work. Ensures correct and fit-for-purpose specifications of materials and services are detailed in the
work order to enable efficient procurement and monitor materials and service availability. Initiates
requests to catalog or code materials in SAP as needed.
6) Feed executable work into the scheduling queue, ensuring that ready-to-execute work orders are
indicated with the EXEC status in SAP, together with the earliest possible start dates. Coordinate with the
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Lead and schedule the team on a regular basis.
7) Identify and define activities relevant to the asset's Integrated Activity Plan (IAP). Ensure that the
Activity Readiness Criteria requirements are met for the activity to be included in the Short-Term or
Medium-Term IAP. Coordinate with the asset's ST and MT IAP planners accordingly.
8) Prioritize, monitor and manage own workload (work orders to be prepared) to ensure work is planned
with adequate lead time for scheduling and execution.
9) Inform equipment owners of deferral requests (i.e. FSR deviation, LAFD waiver via Z6) in case PM or
CM cannot be done on or before the latest allowable finish date.
10) Inform equipment owners of the requirements for Management of Change (MOC) when needed.
example when "non-like-for-like" replacement of equipment is planned, temporary repairs are to
be executed prior to permanent repair, or when temporary plant changes are needed to execute
the work (e.g., temporary connections to process lines).
11) Receive and act on feedback from offshore for improvement in terms of activity preparation. This
primarily through raising master data change requests (Z6 SAP notifications) to update PM and/or CM
plans/task lists, bills of materials, and other relevant CMMS master data.
12) Build and maintain a Work Pack library and a CM task list library for re-use or reference in future work.
13) Contributes to Asset's safety, reliability, and availability by enabling on-time execution of PM and
CM work.
14) Key enabler and contributor to offshore Maintenance productivity by thorough preparation and
planning of work, resulting in minimum non-
productive time.
15) initiates material and service requisitions. Influences maintenance cost by defining fit-for-purpose
materials and services as needed by the PM and CM.
16) Contributes to maintenance and continuous improvement by receiving, collating, and acting on feedback
from the asset team, by initiating requests to update PM and/or CM plans/task lists, bills of materials,
and other relevant CMMS master data.

Covid Requirements

2 dose


  • Teamplayer
  • communication skill
  • Hands-on dicipline maintenance



Training & Certifications

  • Degree Certificate

Additional Benefits

  • SPK (Local)

Additional Compensations

  • Insurance Coverage

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Type of Work

8 hour shift

Multiple Country Preferences

Brunei Darussalam

Location Address of Job

No 3, Lot 4221, Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait, KA 1931, Brunei


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