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Facility Supervisor

MKJ Technical Services Sdn Bhd      Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait

By MKJ Technical Services Sdn Bhd

Job Description

Perform a range facility management activity related to Client company’s business or services which includes the following:
▪ Act as a Company Representative and shall liaise on a daily or weekly basis with the Contract Holder or his/her nominated representative on all matters pertaining to the work being carried out under the contract.

▪ It is the responsibility of the Facility Supervisor to provide the following documentations: -

a. Detailed breakdown of the Annual Estimated Expenditure

- The breakdown shall be submitted to the Client Representative in every month of November throughout the Contract duration

- The breakdown shall include the identification of the estimated expenditure for all the works and services

- For the avoidance of doubt, the breakdown shall also be submitted to the Client at the beginning of the contract as the Milestone Zero submissions

- For the purposes of the requirement, the Facility Manager is to coordinate with the Company representative for the maintenance activities.

b. Maintenance plan

- The detailed maintenance plan shall be submitted to the Company Representative every month of throughout the contract duration

- The plan shall include the scheduled dates of Facility audits and Planned Maintenance Works

- For the avoidance of doubt, the breakdown shall also be submitted to the Client at the beginning of the contract as part of the Milestone Zero submissions

- For the purpose of the requirement, the Facility Manager is to liaise with the Company representative on the development of an overall maintenance plan and schedule of dates for Facility Audits

c. Monthly report

Monthly reports shall be submitted to the contract Holder every first week of each month throughout the contract duration which includes but is not limited to the following information: -

Ø Summary of work and services performed during the reporting period in comparison against the approved work programme

Ø Summary of work orders with their current status

Ø Financial statement that includes total allocated budget, expenditure to-date, anticipated expenditure and notice of any anticipated budget overrun broken down in accordance with their respective budget head/sub-head;

Ø Summary of payment certified, amount received and amount outstanding

Ø Summary of manpower and equipment deployed throughout the reporting period

Ø Weather conditions

Ø Schedule of works and services including planned audits, maintenance and repair works etc

Ø Report on HSSE compliance and any associated issues of concern

Ø The report shall also highlight to the Company Representative any urgent issues that need his immediate action

d. Project organization chart

- As part of the Milestone Zero submission, the Facility Supervisor shall submit a Project Organization Chart to the Contract Holder or his/her nominated representative for approval which shall indicate the Company’s overall team for executing the work under the contract

- The submitted chart shall include, but not limited to:

Ø The name of the proposed personnel

Ø Qualifications

Ø Nationality

Ø Contact details

Ø Any amendments thereafter shall be submitted to the Company Representative for approval

e. 24/7 Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Facility Supervisor shall be the focal point to lead the ERT team.

▪ The Facility Supervisor shall conduct an ad-hoc and routine inspections on all installations, buildings and services for early detection of defects or failure and seek necessary approvals from the Contract Holder or his/her nominated representative for repair/replacement works

▪ The Facility Supervisor shall refer to the Emergency Evacuation Procedures and shall further refine to prepare and submit an Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Plan (ER/DR) in liaison with Facility Manager to incorporate the building into a master Emergency Evacuation Procedural document. The requirements of such a plan shall be established together with the Contract Holder.

▪ The Facility Supervisor shall strictly adhere to the conditions of Secrecy Agreement and shall prepare such agreement for his staff for the for all his staff for their execution prior to their commencing of Service for this contract.

▪ The Facility Supervisor at all times prior to the issuance of any work orders for any repair works shall refer to the Contract Holder on the availability of any valid indemnities and warranties (which shall be subsequently updated/maintained by the Contract Holder throughout the Contract Period). The Facility Supervisor shall seek the directive from the Client Representative for further action on such repaid works with valid indemnities and warranties.

Other Requirements

- Be able to communicate in the English and the language of his/her artisans.
- Have had at least three (3) years' experience in the supervision of labourers and shall be capable of performing all necessary technical and HSSE administrative work. Administrative work may include, but shall not be limited to, obtaining and renewing work permits and administering daily time sheets.
- Be able to exert full disciplinary and trade control over the artisans.
- Facility Supervisor shall be skilled in the general maintenance work on process and building preventive and corrective maintenance repair and office equipment and utilities maintenance.
- Be capable of interpreting engineering drawings and shall have a suitable knowledge of industrial safety.
- It is highly preferred that he/she has previous experience with Brunei oil and gas industries working in a similar capabality


  • Leadership Skill
  • Hands-On Skills


  • Diploma/National Diploma
  • Mechanical engineer

Additional Benefits

  • Pre-employment med coverage

Additional Compensations

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Annual Leaves
  • Sick Leaves
  • SPK

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Type of Work

8 hour shift

Multiple Country Preferences

Brunei Darussalam,Indonesia,Philippines

Location Address of Job

No.3, Lot 4221, Simpang 177, Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait


Oil & Gas

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